I know for Africans the concept that A.I.D.S IS REAL hasnt really sinked in especially with our West African counterparts .from talking to West Africans its taboo to discuss the disease and not only that they insists A.I.D.S is only in Southern Africa.. Hmm nawaoo..

I think in Toronto alot of Africans have been careless including myself and Im happy that I managed to come out unscathed .Lets all get tested it would be nice if we (entertainment people) got together and got tested and did something to spark awareness in the African community in Toronto. People need to understand even in a first world country A.I.D.S is real and for those illiterate people that go around accusing other people of having the disease just to ruin someone’s name SHAME ON YOU.

Ive attached a show called Shuga Naija please watch it Also Love Games Zambia is another show that talks about the disease and ways you can prevent it.

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