P Rhymes Off the Market

Toronto African Artist P Rhymes one of the sexiest eligible bachelor has decided to give his heart to one woman.. Aww P Rhymes engaged his long time girlfriend while he was in Town performing with Lady Ponce and also at the Afro Festival. We wish these two nothing but the best and congrats to the both of you…

P Rhymes and Fiance
P rhymes with his award from Canadian awards

My trip to Montego Bay Jamaica

Hey sorry for the silence I wasnt in the country..I went to beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica..Let me begin my saying Jamaica is not Kingston so dont think its guns violence and weed..No sir its beautiful the people are courteous,nice,friendly and just chilled.. I stayed at the Sunset beach resort and Would definitely recommend it to everyone.. If you there say hi to Miss Cynthia the cleaning lady,Coswayne at guest services,Sean from Dolphin Cove,Nardia from entertainment and David at the club/bar… Heres pics from My trip..

Ae Awards gets Postponed

So with new me means No more silly beefs that have no merit. After having a conversation with Ibrahim founder of Ae awards it seems we just misunderstood each other and never took the time to actually have a conversation. I was so looking forward to attending this years Awards without having a mean look on my face lol!!Im a sour looser in my case I was never nominated and you know me and my blog have been around for a while ..

African Entertainment Awards Postponed to Next Year

Toronto, ONT. – Due to extenuating circumstances and some unforeseen events, the African Entertainment Awards Canada previously scheduled to take place on September 13, 2014 has been postponed to next year. We will be notifying the public with a new date shortly.

Postponing the event will not only help maximize our planning efforts but ensure that we deliver a luxurious and entertaining awards ceremony. It will also reinforce our commitment in showcasing rich African culture, arts and entertainment. African Entertainment Inc. remains dedicated to recognizing individuals who have positively impacted the African Canadian entertainment industry.

Join us next year in our hopes to build a legacy that will continually add value and eventually become the best in honoring achievements of the African entertainment industry in Canada.

For more information, please contact:

A.E. Awards Planning Committee
Phone: (647) 656-1142
Email: info@aeawards.ca
Website: http://www.aeawards.ca

New Chapter..

Hey so after making excuses as to why Im not blogging I thought let me get back to what I love doing..

This blog has been up and running for 3 years and Im sorta proud of myself for being a pioneer especially around the African community in Toronto. I remember when I first started blogging people couldnt stand to see me around but now everyone wants me to blog so I guess here it goes.So since the last time you saw me Ive been reinventing myself from shedding weight to shedding some excess people off my life.Eh?,dont we all need to purge at times?  If you havent seen me on Instagram or Facebook then heres how I look now.

Not too bad eh?

Your girl cleaned up good eh?Lol! now apart from the weight Ive been busy being a mom yes I have a lovely little girl whos turning 1 in a months time.Her name is Amelia Grace and shes the apple of my eye.This little girl is a blessing to me and honestly I didnt even remember I still had a responsibility to blog..


Amelia Grace

Aint she pretty?.Trust me im one those mothers that think her baby is the most beautiful child in the world and theres no getting me down from that high.

So guys once again thats what I have been up to and I promise to blog more .I have news about a S.a invades Toronto Party pics from a private bday bash and All you can drink party all coming up dont forget the Annual Bbq hosted by Motherland.

I would also like to thank Mr Wise and Mr Tee for all their encouragement and always pushing me to do what I love ..Dont forget guys please check out the Suya new location 12 Bradstock rd .