Comedian Prince K and dj Bj Mahito’s Hotel Nightmare in Canada!!!!

Bj Mahito(left) Prince K (right)


Comedian Prince K and dj Bj Mahito were so excited to be heading out for a gig to Montreal. Their timelines filled with pictures of their trip as they cruised on 401 East towards beautiful Montreal. Who would have known what they were about to face. Please watch the video below and stand by for my rant..

How disgusting was that?That room is not even fit for roaches..I dont know where to begin. A the hotel or B the Host that invited the two. Lets begin with how Artists are really treated in Canada compared to their counterparts elsewhere. See if that was Basketmouth and some deejay from Africa ,they would have been placed at a four star hotel ,Champagne in the room and a bevy of sexy women. But because for some reason Toronto artists are not respected in their own city and surrounding area they were given a motel room that looked liked a crime scene from the first 48.

iF YOU WANT TOP NOTCH SERVICE WHY DO YOU PEOPLE TREAT ARTISTS LIKE SHIT?!You hired someone to come entertain you and your guests and you couldnt even go to the hotel and check if everything is of standard and put a fruit basket or something as a thank you for these people taking their time to come and make you feel good on your day. Or do you think because you are paying they are now SLAVES?! Im utterly disgusted by this and I say this with all love but Prince K and Mahito have Jesus .I would have cussed out someone and went back to Toronto fuck the money. Atleast these two were being paid ive heard of artists that had to pay their own way to an event ,perform and not get one dime not even a Coke to drink. We expect no less than what our counterparts get meaning from now if someone is hiring you make a list of Demands and dont play until their met.You are talented not everyone can do what you do so you gotta be treated as such expect no less.

As for Travel Lodge Airport Montreal shame on you this is not a room it should be condemned and you charge people an early arrival fee but you couldnt even make sure the room was livable?I hope this story trends and people see how disgusting your MOTEL IS. THE MANAGER OF this place needs to be held accountable.The owner needs to see what his/her hotel has become absolutely fucking disgusting. this shitbox rates no stars infact Health officials need to inspect this rat hole. 

Let this be a lesson from today own wards any mistreatment of our Toronto artists will result in your company being put on blast.Im an artist therefore Im my family’s keeper.


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