Happy New year 2015

Hey ya’ll its 2015 and I thought its a great time to update everyone on whats been happening in my life.”boy my life is one big movie I wonder why I havent done a tv show yet?Something to bring to fruition this year….. Anyways I relocated to Edmonton ,Yes your girl is in YEG(Edmonton) and let me be the first one to say Fuck you to all those people that relocated before us and never bothered to tell us how lovely this city is.. See all we got from people was,”its too cold ,Omg you wont survive its so boring.” All lies I tell you ,its cold but come on this is Canada what do you expect? As for Entertainment there’s plenty to do every weekend just head down to Whyte Ave or down club district.. As for me I’ve enjoyed the attention that comes with having a big booty and being the new girl in town..Hahahahha If I could date I guarantee I’d have dates every single night but eh?! We all know I have a thing for light skin bad boys who’ll break my heart,Cant help It I love living in the fast lane…

Talking about light skin guys there is no shortage of single successful men out here so ladies if you having difficulties in the love department come on down to Edmonton but remember if it quacks like a duck its probably a duck,meaning theres still some bad apples out here who prey on single ladies and make them fall hopelessly in love with no intentions of being with them translations there’s players,bums and all sorts of Shitty ass mofos out here you just gotta check the persons CarFax(Hoefax,files) before your decide to date them.Lol!!

Enough about the negativity there’s work ,people’s quality of life is different out here I see people being nicer and more relaxed maybe because their bank accounts are bit more blessed than when they were back in Ontario  lol! I’ve met alot of people and even though some could jump off the Epcor building I’ve made friendships out here that could last..I think I currently have custody of some of my friends hahahaha a story for another day!! Lol!! 

In short Dutchess is now solely based in Edmonton and the stories will mostly be about Edmonton .Here is a friendly warning to all my Edmontions nothing is off limit on here so I suggest ya’ll be on your best behavior Im sure if you ask Ontarians they kinda got used to this blog and the owner.. 


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