African Parties in Edmonton do not resuscitate…………

After living in Edmonton for more than 6 months I think without shadow of a doubt I can express my opinion about the Africa scene here.Let me just warn everybody this is a really long post..

Before I moved here I did my research as always its best to know what you are walking into as a party ambassador in Toronto I knew what I wanted when I moved out. First I wanted Deejays that knew to listen to the crowd ,deejays who can tell that the crowd aint feeling the music and immediately changed to keep the audience engaged. I wanted promoters that market their parties and even though its a mirage but dammit you cant wait for the event to take place. Anyways not to dwell on the logistics of what I expected ..

I got on my trusted facebook and went down a rabbit’s hole kinda like Alice in Wonderland, I stumbled first at Club Xo bear with me wont say much but I couldnt stop looking at the pictures. Everyone looked sharp,the quality was good and you know what I couldnt wait to be at Club XO shouts out to Rayhil Ent ,Mr Perry and anyone else who ran XO on Fridays. See the reason Im talking about XO Fridays these men knew what they wanted they put their vision to life and were able to successfully run Fridays for months.

First night in CLUB XO….can you tell how excited I was??lol!!

The guys behind XO are Caribbeans,black like us so why are they able to bring quality parties to the whole city and AFRICANS cant do the same?

The first African party I attended was a friends birthday party at Le Zanzibar , I had seen pictures of Le Zanzibar so I had mixed reviews about it anyway I went with an open mind after all when you new in town you gotta try out everything at least once,Lol!! No offense to Le Zanzi owner I know his trying his hardest to wipe away the stigma that surrounds the place but damn an exorcism of some sort needs to be performed there.. I had to take off my white fur coat when I got there coz I was team overdressed coming from Toronto even a trip to the market you have to dress up.. The interior is okay there’s a pool table and a little vip place but again its not the building that brings down the value of the club but its patrons..You know let me sum up Zanzibar its one of those places you go but wont admit that you go to,Dont know if you guys get it ..hhahah kinda like Whispers  you knew it was dodgy  but you still went lol!!

Now lets delve into the Mothers of all “Hall Parties” If I ever see another hall trust me Im gonna puke .It makes no damn sense every event is in a gotdamn hall that is far as hell ,when I came here I befriended a promoter coz I wanted to have some insights from someone who has been hosting parties in Edmonton and I kept posing the question,”do you really need to have this party in a hall? His answer was there is no clubs to host the events at but im wondering how does Mr Perry get XO or Vince Basement?Like have you tried maybe going around town and possibly speaking to club owners?

Now I’d appreciate if people got creative with these Halls turned into a club scene hire some sofas put some strobe lights ,dancing bottles or hanging chandeliers something to say ,’Hey I the promoter made a phuckin Effort and I appreciate you spending your hard earned money at my event.. The decoration is wedding like red bows and serviettes tucked into glasses like its a phuckin Communion party..Jesus take the wheel we have just come to settle in this city and get butt phucked by these promoters..

The Icing on the cake I’ve actually been to a hall party that the deejay was…wait for it.. A damn IPOD.hhahahahaha and it kept repeating the same awful song the whole night .You know there’s other nationalities you’ve extended the invitation to so why play your country music with no regards to the others that dont understand?Again why market your party to other folks?? There’s so much that grinds my gears about African promoters and deejays in Edmonton..

My advice you might think people are okay with this but hell No..something needs to be done change needs to happen ,people work hard for their coin stop putting out mediocre shit and marketing it like first grade. Ask your fellow promoters in Toronto how they do it, how they make people happy.. Trust me one day people will get tired of the fuckery and just stop coming .As you can see Basement Lounge plays African music,Xo ,Studio 107 so tell us why should one drive all the way to your event to sit on a hard taffeta covered chair with a red bow at the back listening to songs that were good 10 years ago??

How about doing a Q&A with people and finding out what you guys can do to change things up in the city it doesn’t have to be lavish but it can be quality something this city is lacking even though people are being paid way more than anyone in Canada. Hire consultants party managers somebody to steer you to the right direction..

Shouts out to Duplex who until now didnt know I have a blog this is for you….

Aww my cutie Pie Bravado will be in town… Please bring Turkey tail..Lol

dont forget White Party May 30th at YEG pheww thank god Courage finally broke free from the slave chains and upgraded ..Lol!!

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