Nairobi Diaries

Till last week I wasn’t aware Kenya had a reality TV show similar to love and hip hop . I follow Vera Sidike on SnapChat and she was ranting about quitting the show due to her portrayal and other things I don’t feel like getting into ..So curious me decided to go to my trusty YouTube and see what Nairobi Diaries is all about ..

To be honest after seeing how Vera is not only beautiful but that body is to die for (attached picture below)check her out on Instagram.


I was expecting a show full of baddies yes I must admit I’m human I’m shallow at times . Anyway the show features Pendo,Ella,Kiki,Slyvia,Marjolein,Gertrude,Vera and a slew of other girls I’m forgetting or are just friends of the show..


Let me sum up the show before I break each character down ,BTW they say this show is not scripted *(in my Kenyan accent). The show is about socialites in Nairobi ,do I believe all of them are a socialites ?,No but eh?! Its centered on these ladies’s lives .. You can watch Season 1 on YouTube .

Now to talk about each character let me start with KiKi she’s the first (from left to right)
Kiki is an architect ,she’s well established ,beautiful very well spoken and so far I have not seen her come out of her character meaning she hasn’t exhibited any ratchet ,uncouth behavior .The only thing she’s guilty of isΒ  being a mini gossiper she told Vera things that were said about her even though vera wasn’t present so that’s the only qualms I had with her..

Pendo: she’s what Americans would call Ratchet and in our language she is known as a Mswahili ,someone who says things without filter ,isn’t afraid to fight ,hates for no reason ,tries to compete with people and is very defensive .. BTW she’s a part time singer and a “video Vixen”.

Ella: can’t remember if Ella said she went to school in Canada if so she reminds me of a Canadian ,very down to earth ,very open ,sweet ,and very naive .She unfortunately has been the target of Vera and Pendo and poor girl can’t fight to save her life ,I wish I could be there as a big sister to protect her .. I think with the right stylists she can become a household name .She’s an artist she is multitalented she has more than one project on her hands.

Slyvia Njoki: I love this girl shes reserved ,soft spoken and a fashionista .I follow her on Instagram she is killing the Nairobi fashion scene ,she’s also a mother and a writer for the Standard .

Vera :As you can see when the show started Miss Vera was very dark skinned but fast forward now she is a mzungu(white) Vera says she lightened her skin not bleached that’s for poor girls in the projects . she also said she spent 107,000 USD on her skin and boobs .She basically invested on her body coz that’s the money maker .. I think if Vera was a humble girl she would be Africa’s sweetheart and unstoppable but unfortunately she has bully tendencies ,thinks everyone is fake around her she has major trust issues .. beautiful girl though but she has demons she needs to deal with ..Btw she rose to stardom after appearing on Psquare’s video ,she now gets paid to make club appearances and she has other business ventures .

Marjolein:pronounced Marilynn*is a model and fitness guru who only cares about her workouts and her business ,she’s never in drama and never takes sides always one that listens and doesn’t really comment ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

There’s a lot of “fake accents ” and fake it till you make it attitude just check out the show for yourself …

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