African Supporting Africans

You know how they have WCW on Instagram?,Well on here its ASA African supporting African.. My job is to find all the Africans whether in the music,acting,fashion world doing something positive. My goal is to inform you guys about said people so we can support whichever way we can..

First person that I thought would be suitable for this feature is Kwapi Vengesayi. Kwapi if you read this Im so proud of you from the days of calling each other while you were drawing your architect stuff to being an author of a book.. Man you are one determined man and although we dont keep in touch like we used to I am grateful to have you as a friend.

Zimbabwean by birth, Kwapi Vengesayi came to the United States to attend the University of Idaho where he studied Architecture and Sociology. While in college, Vengesayi created the Shades of Black Show, a cultural showcase that has become one of the most anticipated events in the pacific northwest. Also known for his prolific writing, Vengesayi’s gift with words and his propensity to openly express what’s in his heart and mind has allowed him to amass a diverse international audience of both like-minded people, and those who are greatly opposed to some of the opinions he shares.

I know here I am talking about him and forgetting to mention his book which is called  ‘Hashtags: The dumbest, smartest, funniest, deepest things I’ve ever (and never) said about love, politics and everything in between’ as a salute to the infamous hashtagging trend that is synonymous with social media. Offering intelligent, entertaining, heartfelt, and sometimes weird perspectives on a variety of topics, Vengesayi skillfully pens his thoughts and feelings in a style that blends storytelling with freewriting and poetry. Whether it’s love or politics, Bigfoot or gay rights, Vengesayi expresses each opinion, observation, and experience openly and honestly, insuring that this book will not only trigger emotion and passion in those who read it, but inspire sincere moments of reflection and debate as well.(taken from The book is currently being sold on,, just google Hashtags and links will appear.

Since im not a hypocrite it wouldnt be right to ask ya’ll to support Kwapi if I too didnt buy the book..Here is proof that I purchased two books..  |  Your Account  |

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Im giving one away to one lucky reader who follows Dutchess of toronto on facebook. 2. post this link on your facebook and tag dutchess of toronto.3.follow Kwapi Vengesayi on Facebook.