DJ Tira in Canada to Perform in Toronto and Edmonton

Dj Tira is Officially in Toronto,Canada and it has been Confirmed.As you remember Dj Tira was set to perform at the S.A House Invasion back in April/May but he wasnt allowed to “board” the plane due to Passport overfill. Dj Tira will perform at Wrong Bar this Saturday in Toronto and Sunday in Edmonton for Last minute tickets please check Flyer. Im hoping Dj Tira gives us a stellar performance to make it up for the last missed Show. Im bummed I wont be making it but I know its going to be Live!!

Moonraiser Confirms Dj Tira is Indeed in Toronto Canada

MY 500TH POST!!!!!!

I just clocked my 500TH POST!! YAAY!! OH my god after 3 years of blogging Ive clocked my 500th post I know I probably would have reached it sooner but nonetheless im happy it happened to be on a Friday.Check out pics from Past Posts..Which was your favorite Post ever?Comment below

With the Owner of Suya Spot Tee..”Have you been suyarized?please check the Suya spot logo on the side and click for locations..Taken at my 30th birthday Party hosted at Suya Spot.
Heading to the Ruff n Smooth Concert.Rocking Red hair.How do I look?
At the Water Park with my daughter
Pungwe Night with Mrs Bonde
Vast of Bracket. my heavy days

Instagram Fridays-Posts that made my day

Hey lovelies its Woza FRIDAY!! Yaay to the weekend so happy to be alive and not in debt..Lol! I managed to keep my shopping for this week to less than $500.00 ..Im addicted to shoes..Like seriously I think next month Im going to buy clothes and bags so I can  have something to wear..

I went shopping and as most of you know im on the 90 day Challenge and let me tell you if you think im quitting now ur witchdoctor must be telling you LIES!! I feel good dammit I went to the store and tried on Mediums and guess what they fit..granted one is a bit too tight but, hey?!, Will make that Bitch work!!Lol! check out the pics from below and I thank my local Winners..

Goodies from Winners…pic taken on Thursday 24 October 2013

To the lady that I soon will be putting up who Insulted me calling me a beached whale I hope you know we going to have a side by side comparison of who is the beached whale…My readers will get to see what I deal with on a day to day basis..She is not a hater but a clueless person trying to defend her very promiscuous relative..That story is for another time..But hey??,Insults is what motivates me to lose more weight now before you think Im headed to anorexicville Im going to stop at 170-size8- thats it no more coz then I dont want to have to show my A.I.D.S results on here…Enough about me here is the list of Instagrammers that made my day..

follow @todovirgo …I think this is the D’Angelo look??Correct me if Im wrong..
Footballer wive Charity Luvs wearing @loloskloset dress..Please follow Loloskloset for all your fashion tips,needs,wants and etc
@Muhydeen who is dreaming of Paris..Lol!! follow at Muhydeen our editor here at Dutchess of toronto

The Body by Vi Challenge

The Body by Vi Challenge.

Im finally ready to let the cat out the bag..Yes people now im ready to share with you my weightloss secret.. Also Im inviting anyone who is tired of being overweight to join me on the 90 day challenge.

Before I tell you let me begin by saying I AM FAT!! Not THICK but Fat!!

I started gaining weight when all I did was wake up eat,sleep,shit,drink eat late then repeat again ..I did this for a good three years and guess what happened I got FAT!! Now my biggest problem im not a patient person so I would start dieting lose 5 pounds and give up..In my head I wanted the diet to work immediately BIG MISTAKE!!

Im not gonna lie another problem we have is ALCOHOL!! no one is asking you to quit but reducing your alcohol consumption really helps.. I can attest to that.. I hardly drink now maybe once in a month or two I take a few sips and thats it.. For the times Im not drinking I eat healthy..

Yes eating Healthy is important.. Im not gonna say Im a vegetarian coz lets not lie to each other here.. I buy Veggies and meat..The meat I buys is the seasoned pork chop,chicken,fish and steak… I grill my meat in the oven NO OIL. and do  a side dish sometimes its a chicken salad.Vegetables boiled and I put this Philly cheese cooking cheese..(forgot the name) VOILA DINNER!! Also I drink alot of juice yes Im not perfect.. But now I buy the smoothie kinda juice ..

The Body by Vi Challenge

Another Key thing I set a goal for myself and I dont have a scale only time I weigh myself is if I visit a friend who has scale..SCALES ARE THE ENEMY!! if u constantly keep stepping on one and weighing yourself when u hit a plateau when that scales is not showing u low numbers you will get discourage and quit everything..So no SCALES for me..Once again this is what works for me…So my goal that I set for myself is to be 176 in six months from the time I started eating right…Im currently 196 as of OCTOBER 12TH ..

me at 196 pounds

My dear friend who we gossip,cry and laugh together told me..Listen you,”beautiful what happened what got you this low that you’ve let yourself go and u dont care anymore?,’Truth be told I wasnt happy at all hence why I moved but another topic all together she told me she has this Shake she is doing now and its working and I should give it a try.. Not wanting to disappoint my friend I willingly bought it and started doing my weight loss challenge..

The results LADIES AND GENTS are VISIBLE …Im real and you guys know me and have seen me at my heaviest and tiniest so you tell me if its not working..

Best of all its just a shake I take in the morning and afternoon.

The shake is from a company called VISALUS and its BODYBYVI…What I like anyone can take it even a child there is no nasty chemicals in it.. You can add some fruits and make tasty delicious shakes like the ones at McDonald..Yummmm…

The Body by Vi Challenge

Im putting my information on here and the shakes start from 49.99 .Thats what Im me if you put that beer down you can have 49.99 a month to look and feel good. <—-that site is for the Challenge if you up to join me for the challenge simply click on that link ..Now you can promote the challenge meaning you can get your friends to join you in the challenge and if they join you..then your shakes are free…Yep free shake for signing up three friend to join the challenge..

Now you know I need you lazies to join me hahaha so I can get my shake for free… and if you just want to join the challenge and pay for your own shakes.. then here is the link

So now that the secret is out You guys can stop asking me and join me..You know sharing is caring and I just did that..Thank me when you 20 pounds lighter..

I also have 3 samples for you to try it out send me an email if you want your free sample..Someone preferably in US/CANADA

Canada deports two Nigerian Students

Two Nigerian students who got in trouble with the Canadian immigration in 2011 are being sent back to Nigeria.

nigerian students

The young ladies, who attended the University of Regina, found themselves in hot water when they began working at a local Walmart — violating the terms under their student visas.

Favour Amadi and Victoria Ordu claimed they were never informed, they couldn’t seek employment in Canada due to their visas.

The University of Regina supported their claim and asked for the young ladies to remain in the country. This caught the attention of Liberal MP Ralph Goodale — who also sided with the girls.

After finding out they were subject to deportation, Amadi and Ordu took refuge at a local church for approximately two years.

This morning CBC News announced, the pair had been escorted out of the country by Canadian authorities.

Do you think the immigration officials made the right decision?



The strip club industry obviously wants to embarrass the government by proposing such a plan. It wants to garner public support against the government’s decision to ban foreign workers.

This borders on desperation. According to many reports, strip clubs are a dying business. Yet they are anxious to meet existing demand once the existing visas of foreign workers expire.

As reported by the QMI Agency’s Tom Godfrey, club owners have outlined the benefits of strip dancing in a brochure. They stress a flexible work schedule and the financial benefits of exotic dancing as a “profession.”

The pamphlet prepared by club owners warns young women they must be comfortable taking off all their clothes.

This ignores the stark reality many women seek such work simply because they are driven to it by poverty, regardless of whether they are uncomfortable about disrobing.

The recruiters say they will actually be taking stripper poles to job fairs to reassure students it can be fun to undress for money.

Really? It seems many students don’t agree.

Laugh out loud this is outrageous but then again in a country where prostitution is legal if done indoors it doesnt surprise me that Strip Club demand to be involved in Job fairs..I remember hearing stories of how strippers put themselves through college I guess now it might be a reality and not something you see in Movies.. well if we going that route lets legalize Pot and all other immoral stuff..Im just sayin…..