Nasibu a.k.a Diamond Live in Toronto


Im so excited and finally after confirming coz you know I wouldnt put anything until Ive spoken to the people involved. But Ive been told Nasibu has gotten his  Visa and he will be here Live and direct on August 2nd and 3rd.. Watu oyeeee. I just want to hear your my number 1.when Davido was here he performed the song but haikunoga like if the owner would have done it. For ticket sales please contact Hamza a.k.a New Level 4168203432. Tell him Dutchess sent you… Come support our very own Diamond..

New Artist in Toronto;Postal Code

Last night I was tagged on a link and I watched it half asleep confused as to what is going on?I thought maybe I was in the video and someone captured it so they wanted me to see it.I sat for 11 minutes waiting to see myself but not one image of me was there.. However I could see it was taken at the Davido Concert. The person performing in between Davido looked familiar but because whenever I see him around his always so reserved and quiet never in a million years would I think he raps. We would like to bid Postal code good luck in his rapping career and wish him all the best please check out the video after the Break..


MY 500TH POST!!!!!!

I just clocked my 500TH POST!! YAAY!! OH my god after 3 years of blogging Ive clocked my 500th post I know I probably would have reached it sooner but nonetheless im happy it happened to be on a Friday.Check out pics from Past Posts..Which was your favorite Post ever?Comment below

With the Owner of Suya Spot Tee..”Have you been suyarized?please check the Suya spot logo on the side and click for locations..Taken at my 30th birthday Party hosted at Suya Spot.
Heading to the Ruff n Smooth Concert.Rocking Red hair.How do I look?
At the Water Park with my daughter
Pungwe Night with Mrs Bonde
Vast of Bracket. my heavy days


Timaya is good at what he does like Fantasia his passionate about his music .he gets the holy ghost once in a while..Lol! man took off his shoes..Overall I give the concert a 3/5 theres certain things that still need improving. And if anyone knows this artist see attached pic please let me know ..He is a good entertainer I just feel like FOLKS are sleeping on him..



IMG_3108 IMG_3119 IMG_3132 IMG_3179

Here is a video of BIG NYAASH GIRLS SHAKING IT UP WITH TIMAYA RUMOR***Has it that one lucky lady on that stage got more than just a dance..Hmmm who could it be?If ever they wanna reveal themselves we would like to know does he have a package?His he good in bed?You can tell me and remain ANonymous I promise to keep your name out of it…hahahaha..

THE Venue where Iyanya will be performing April 26TH in Toronto

Iyanya will be live in Toronto this Friday April 26th and I had the opportunity to take pics of the venue before the concert..So wanted to show you where the Event is going to be held.. Im super Excited its unfortunate I wont be able to be on stage if I was maybe 6 years younger I wouldnt care what people thought..Lol! Well here are the pics and see you at the concert..


IMG_2866 IMG_2869 IMG_2861 IMG_2887 IMG_2874 IMG_2875

Intensive Care Unit..In need of Resuscitation……….

They say if walls had ears then we would be in a lot of trouble.No house is a clean house but as long as we sweep some of those things under the rug then visitors will not know whats really happening.

I’ve been spectating since Gbedu Tunez started I questioned the motive of the blog..When I saw its about artists I knew she was onto something..Especially since I deal with a lot of things It was refreshing to have a blogger just concentrating on the music aspect.

I think somehow the blog took a new direction where it was exposing indirectly about Artist’s personal business.She talked about infidelities ,financial situations,home issues.To be honest none of these things should be known to the public..Music is Music and personal is personal there should be a line where these people should be given some sort of Privacy..

Now I’m not saying the negative aspect of an Artist should not be publicized,if you happen to be caught smoking pot and someone blogs you then you cant be really upset..As an artist you have people looking up to you and wanting to be you somebody so if you do stupid shit then you being a bad ambassador.Keyword if you do Stupid shit in public I.e fighting in the club,getting stupid drunk,consuming drugs in the public..You catch my drift..

Okay back to the topic at hand. Gbedu Tunez is owned by Miss Nk a.k.a Miss Erotikar you guys know her she’s been featured on here numerous times.(attached pic below)

See she blogged about I.C.U Records’s Ozee and TMajor. It seems these two have had a few things on their chest and I guess it took one of them being on their period for shit to go down.All this took place at the Studio.Only people who saw this said scuffle was the artists that were there at the time.

Okay so lets dissect this shit..Nk if memory serves me right is part of I.C.U records, If I’m wrong please correct me. Shouldn’t members of the same group have each other’s backs?What happened to Loyalty and brotherhood and all that bullshit?! I can certainly understand T-Major’s frustration I’d be pissed too if one of our own through me under the bus and publicly embarrassed me.

It seems ICU RECORDS is in dire need of a few lessons..Sweeping shit under the rug.You guys haven’t barely made it and already all ya’ll business is out there..How is anyone supposed to take ya’ll serious if you guys are airing your own business?Where is the lesson there?I mean he who cast the first stone  shouldn’t have any sins..”you know what I mean?”*wink

Next time you  ladies at ICU RECORDS get into some sort of beef try to put it under  control in short sweep your shit under the rug and keep it moving…Family business should stay in the house not on the streets…..


In respect to the event tonite we regret to announce that the untied sounds of africa tour has been cancelled due to reason beyond our control… Please Note that Bless Ent media group will continue to bring you the best in entertainment for all who has purchase tickets should go back to the point of purchase and get there refunds……<I also got this info from another promoter who’s name sorta rhymes with a fruit but a cellphone as well..he wrote.”Live Nation and InterGlobal are postponing the USA tour until further notice due to some border crossing issues and Ticket Master/Live Nation issues..Its funny I called Ticket Master and they still selling tickets for tonight..hmmmmm I wonder why?Quick question to Live Nation didnt ya’ll have months if weeks to plan this?,”Did you not consult with the Canadian Border before making plans?People demand more than just a refund.They need an explanation.


Its funny one of my friends yesterday really questioned me if I was sure they were coming he claimed a friend said only one was coming.I disputed and assured him that all of them would be there..Boy was he  right,! “Damn that means I had this info since last night I just didnt want to believe him?”…

Here is some pics courtesy of ODUFENT PHOTOGRAPHY


Speaking to one of my besties today I realized most of you dont know whats going on Thursday.In case you’ve been hibernating and havent had a chance to be in touch with reality.United Sounds of Africa Tour will be here in Toronto this Thursday. Let me break it down 2face,brymo,Timi dikolo,J.Martins,Jesse Jagz will all be performing at the Opera House in Downtown Toronto.Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster f0r 50 macaroons but if you can find MoBaller Banks he has them for 40 bucks also check out the flyers on the right panel——————————————————————————————————————————>>>>>>>

In case you miss the Tour come down to On the Rox all the stars will be there and yours truly taking pictures and being nosy..Dont forget its one night only ..So make it like a cool kid and make sure you dont miss it..Off to buy a new outfit I go…