FIRST AND FOREMOST I would LIKE TO EXTEND MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES TO MUSTI BOY ON THE PASSING OF HIS MOM. I cant imagine what you are going through will keep you in my prayers. Musti Boy shot a video for his new song Caro. Musti Boy is always looking for ways to push boundaries and his creativity is potrayed in his videos. Check out the pretty ladies in his vid..

Musti Boy and Zee Mathiabo


The 4th Annual ABEDORC created by Yinka Farinde taking place Sept 6th 2014 at the Luna Ballroom. I’ve been invited to accept an award for my contribution in the community. I thank Mr Yinka who has taken the time to present me this award and I am very honored. I also heard some people asking Why I’m receiving one see if I had time to respond I would but I am busy picking out my outfit and writing my speech. Tickets Available for only $30.00 CAD

Abedorc 4168353133
Suya spot 4167427892
Blessing Hairport 6472734600
Francis energy 6478641497
Funmi Olumade 4168020468
Tos Tam 416 8589980

Pics from past events…..

We had the pleasure of attending Tsedey’s 25th private birthday party and let me just say.This was a breathe of fresh air. Thanks to this lovely lady for allowing us to be a part of her special day. ALL PICTURES WERE TAKEN BY ME USING MY CANON YOU LIKEY?

Karren in NyashaGrace vintage dress sold by Me..
the view from the rooftop.
Actor Bobby Obodo and a friend…
Microbell and Dr Rad.

Champagne flowing
playing dress up
birthday girl in Blue

New Chapter..

Hey so after making excuses as to why Im not blogging I thought let me get back to what I love doing..

This blog has been up and running for 3 years and Im sorta proud of myself for being a pioneer especially around the African community in Toronto. I remember when I first started blogging people couldnt stand to see me around but now everyone wants me to blog so I guess here it goes.So since the last time you saw me Ive been reinventing myself from shedding weight to shedding some excess people off my life.Eh?,dont we all need to purge at times?  If you havent seen me on Instagram or Facebook then heres how I look now.

Not too bad eh?

Your girl cleaned up good eh?Lol! now apart from the weight Ive been busy being a mom yes I have a lovely little girl whos turning 1 in a months time.Her name is Amelia Grace and shes the apple of my eye.This little girl is a blessing to me and honestly I didnt even remember I still had a responsibility to blog..


Amelia Grace

Aint she pretty?.Trust me im one those mothers that think her baby is the most beautiful child in the world and theres no getting me down from that high.

So guys once again thats what I have been up to and I promise to blog more .I have news about a S.a invades Toronto Party pics from a private bday bash and All you can drink party all coming up dont forget the Annual Bbq hosted by Motherland.

I would also like to thank Mr Wise and Mr Tee for all their encouragement and always pushing me to do what I love ..Dont forget guys please check out the Suya new location 12 Bradstock rd .


Dj Dlimit Winner in Europe!!

This is one person who is so unappreciated in his own back yard. No offense but Dlimit shouldnt travel all the way to Europe to win an award when he has been deserving of one in his own home town, What does that say about us here that we dont know good talent when we see it? Hopefully next year Dlimit will get an Ae Award he effing deserves one..Here is pics from the

ADMA: African Diaspora Merits Awards in Amsterdam 


Dj Dlimit with his Trophy
With Spice Edo Swagger

Congrats Dlimit my friend I wish I can be there on Thursday to celebrate with you and for everyone else meet Dlimit at Suya Spot Thursday October 31st to celebrate with him..

Canada deports two Nigerian Students

Two Nigerian students who got in trouble with the Canadian immigration in 2011 are being sent back to Nigeria.

nigerian students

The young ladies, who attended the University of Regina, found themselves in hot water when they began working at a local Walmart — violating the terms under their student visas.

Favour Amadi and Victoria Ordu claimed they were never informed, they couldn’t seek employment in Canada due to their visas.

The University of Regina supported their claim and asked for the young ladies to remain in the country. This caught the attention of Liberal MP Ralph Goodale — who also sided with the girls.

After finding out they were subject to deportation, Amadi and Ordu took refuge at a local church for approximately two years.

This morning CBC News announced, the pair had been escorted out of the country by Canadian authorities.

Do you think the immigration officials made the right decision?