In respect to the event tonite we regret to announce that the untied sounds of africa tour has been cancelled due to reason beyond our control… Please Note that Bless Ent media group will continue to bring you the best in entertainment for all who has purchase tickets should go back to the point of purchase and get there refunds……<I also got this info from another promoter who’s name sorta rhymes with a fruit but a cellphone as well..he wrote.”Live Nation and InterGlobal are postponing the USA tour until further notice due to some border crossing issues and Ticket Master/Live Nation issues..Its funny I called Ticket Master and they still selling tickets for tonight..hmmmmm I wonder why?Quick question to Live Nation didnt ya’ll have months if weeks to plan this?,”Did you not consult with the Canadian Border before making plans?People demand more than just a refund.They need an explanation.


Its funny one of my friends yesterday really questioned me if I was sure they were coming he claimed a friend said only one was coming.I disputed and assured him that all of them would be there..Boy was he  right,! “Damn that means I had this info since last night I just didnt want to believe him?”…

Here is some pics courtesy of ODUFENT PHOTOGRAPHY


Speaking to one of my besties today I realized most of you dont know whats going on Thursday.In case you’ve been hibernating and havent had a chance to be in touch with reality.United Sounds of Africa Tour will be here in Toronto this Thursday. Let me break it down 2face,brymo,Timi dikolo,J.Martins,Jesse Jagz will all be performing at the Opera House in Downtown Toronto.Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster f0r 50 macaroons but if you can find MoBaller Banks he has them for 40 bucks also check out the flyers on the right panel——————————————————————————————————————————>>>>>>>

In case you miss the Tour come down to On the Rox all the stars will be there and yours truly taking pictures and being nosy..Dont forget its one night only ..So make it like a cool kid and make sure you dont miss it..Off to buy a new outfit I go…

Sam Tuga gets Boo’ed at Sarkodie Concert….

Shady promoter Sam Tuga got a taste of his own medicine last week during Sarkodie Concert. The arrogant sometime delusional wanna be promoter was BOO’ED by his own fellow country men. Sarkodie a Ghanaian native bigged up Sam Tuga  he got a reaction no one was expecting the whole club roared with displeased fans.. From what I know and I’ve experienced Sam Tuga is  one person that thinks the world revolves around him.his shady and also never appreciates people that patronize him..”He was heard saying ,in who’s pocket is the money in?”but we all know the money has to go back to the people you borrowed  it from Tuga. Sam Tuga you’ve clearly left a bad taste in alot of people’s mouths but I wont delve too much into it I’ll let Lumba Cure take it from here…




Sorry For the Silence

I do apologize for the silence.  I got a few face to face complaints about why I’ve not been updating the Blog..I’m sorry but I started shooting for Slice and I’m really exhausted and not only that ive been battling flu on and off since summer started..Also because I dont really copy and paste like some Bloggers I tend to get brain farts and when that happens I feel uninspired to write.

So Let me do a little Recap.

June 2nd was my birthday party with Dj Spinalong at On ThE Rox ..

Ima keep this one short the next time any party is mixed with Jamaicans I will respectfully decline and stay home.They are not only violent,(someone shot a gun outside)but so selfish they had us listening to their noise until 2 in the morning.Overall Experienced I hated it…Oh before I forget I absolutely loved how my booth was decorated.Miss Goddess gave me a five star treament.Thank you so much.See pic below contact Goddess through twitter @GoldCoastGoddess. She is very Professional and takes what she does very serious.

@GoldCoastGoddess designs..

June 3 rd was an afternoon filled with friends and family I celebrated my born day at Suya Spot with Mr Wise..Thanks to Tee for accommodating me and my crazy people..dJ Dlimit was on fire that day..Thanks bro..

June 16th was The All White  Boat Cruise, also Mc Bonde’s Birthday bash..I have nothing positive to say so im not going to delve too much into this topic.But I met a good friend of my cousin Kris. We have so many friends in common its crazy..Lol!His a good lad and also a really good Deejay Smooth Spinner..

Other than that a bunch of drama here and there,some chick and her retard boyfriend felt the need to gossip about shit that wasnt even true worst of it all the person they told really cant do shit to I pity you so much coz your life revolves around me everything I do just bothers you.My gosh by the time im jetsetting to St Tropez your ass would have died of envy..I pray for you that you get your papers and stop living the life you do.

My Bday Gifts to Myself….

top and Pants…
comes with Urban decay primer tube,Cartier Baiser Vole parfum and Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport..I love Sephora for their Samples..
Steve Madden Xcess Wedge in Fuschia
Marc Jacob Sunnies
Make Up Artist Starter Kit…

These are my gifts to myself I cant wait for June 3rd to receive from my friends..Actually June 2nd im having a birthday party at On The Rox and Godess has a surprise for me..”She’s also making me a tower of Cupcakes for my birthday I cant wait…