World Meet Abbey Bank

Who is Abbey Bank?Abbey Bank is man who makes dreams come true.A man who doesnt follow any rules or let silly boundaries control him.A man who sets standards .His a trendsetter,stylish,handsome and mostly an African. See Abbey Bank throws parties and not just any parties..No ladies and gents he throws parties that you only see on t.v and magazines .He has Champagne flowing ,beautiful ladies.The gents are dressed to kill I dont think you’ll ever smell fufu,or rice and curry in his party.Its the socialites and who’s who of UK..Enough rambling Im sorry guys I havent been able to sleep since I saw this man and his party named CRISTAL RAIN….oooh*sigh…

Attached are pictures and the video promo for Cristal Rain 3 and video from Cristal Rain 2

My Bestie Paloma,her sis Pam and a friend at Cristal Rain 3

As you can see nothing was cheap here..No Bambino,Heineken,Hennessy straight up Cristal..So far ive been lamenting and tormenting myself why no one in Canada has done such a thing..Then I remembered we are so backwards the kids in the world Vision commercial got more swag and class than us. However good News is a I’ve spoken to a few people and everyone seems to be genuinely interested in doing a┬ásoiree┬álike this..Hmmm standby maybe us Canadians got it after all..