Canada deports two Nigerian Students

Two Nigerian students who got in trouble with the Canadian immigration in 2011 are being sent back to Nigeria.

nigerian students

The young ladies, who attended the University of Regina, found themselves in hot water when they began working at a local Walmart — violating the terms under their student visas.

Favour Amadi and Victoria Ordu claimed they were never informed, they couldn’t seek employment in Canada due to their visas.

The University of Regina supported their claim and asked for the young ladies to remain in the country. This caught the attention of Liberal MP Ralph Goodale — who also sided with the girls.

After finding out they were subject to deportation, Amadi and Ordu took refuge at a local church for approximately two years.

This morning CBC News announced, the pair had been escorted out of the country by Canadian authorities.

Do you think the immigration officials made the right decision?