Fashion for less

Who wouldnt invest in Zigi with a heartfelt message like this..

Yes these went home with me”

Christian Louboutin inspired for $39.00

Forgot the designer but they were going for $34.99

From the side they are sexy

Balmain Inspired Riri shoes

Lv Alma inspired retailing for $99.00

Lv inspired by Italian designer around $60

Christian Dior(original)$129.00

Hermes inspired made in Italy for $99.oo

Oversized clutch $12.00

long flowy dress for $50.00

Fashion for less;

Hello everyone i hoped you enjoyed the last topic and pictures from Nas and Zainub’s wedding.
I went shopping today getting ready for Caribana and naturally you know the Dutchess has to bring her A-game.I went to only one Store that has everything and an idea came to me since i was so vocal about pointing people that rock fakes why dont i show some of you the lesser priced inspired merchandise.I found Christian Louboutin inspired sandals,Hermes bag,Lv tote and even Balmain Riri” heels which i couldn’t pass up on…Also found some cool Christian Dior sunglasses retailing for 129 CAD now those i couldn’t cop for now lol!!went way over my means.

Trust me once ya’ll see the stuff i’m talking about you’ll agree that there’s cheaper versions that look exactly like the higher end stuff and come with a warranty if anything breaks or tears.Back in the days before my friend showed me this store where i can get anything from Jessica Simpson to Ysl,yes ladies i said Ysl original marked half price even 85% percent off never worn new off the rack.I used to go to them high end department store and get one dress for 400 dollars and only wear it once.Now with that 400 dollars i come out with 10 items from shoes to accessories.I can mix and match the stuff and get my moneys worth.
I cant speak for UK or anywhere else but in the states such stores are there one of them is Marshalls in Canada its Winners..I thank the lord everyday for Winners ,it doesn’t break my bank or cause me embarrassment i find classy things,sporty looks and even casual.

Sorry for the pictures being up and not the topic forgive me…Those are my find today if you in Africa you can always send a trusted friend to hook you up and send them back home.

Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you”

You must be wondering what is she ranting about this time?,bare with me soon you shall find out why im ranting and about what.We all know we were raised differently and its always been an issue with the under privileged people.Behaviors that others portray really show how they were brought up as kids.Especially Africans sorry to say their behavior baffles me.Lower class people were not taught how to be considerate of other people’s feeling and to be honest alot of you upper class tend to collect their bad behavior and think its alright to say insensitive things about people.

First thing why should you care about a person’s sexual orientation?,why should you employ yourself to ask this person which side they play for?Are you going to hook up that person once you know and how much is it going to benefit you?Fine you decided to take it upon yourself to find out if this person is a homosexual instead of privately asking said person you make it a point to humiliate the person infront of people they not familiar with.’Oh but here is the good one instead of having the balls to ask the “horse you decided you would much rather have a conversation with anybody that knows the person and make a mockery out of them.

When i was growing up my parents taught me to be considerate of others.There’s certain question by God i would never be able to ask someone or certain rumors.You gotta think how will the person feel after you’ve asked them this,would they still be your friend?,can you look at them in the face after you placed each other in a awkward situation?
Im sorry i know im placing blame solely on kids that werent instilled manners but seriously only mannerless people can be insensitive.There’s nothing cute about making someone feel humiliated.

My friend told me you cant mix with people that only handled fork and knives when they came abroad because the reality of it after a while the other person will always think you showing off coz you dress better than them,you speak better English than them,you have class and trust no money in this world can buy you that.Ask Diddy and his millions he still doesn’t have class.
For those of who you pride in making other people miserable if the tables were turned how would you feel?If you were put on the spot and asked a private question in public how would you feel?Learn to be considerate of other people’s feelings learn to hold your tongue and mostly don’t spread rumors, you hear something call the horse and ask them in private trust me that person will respect you so much.

Nas and Zainub’s wedding:
This weekend when others were doning Oliver Mtukudzi i went to my cousin’s wedding actually reception coz they had one two months ago.I had so much fun nilikuwa nimefurahi kukutana na wabongo and wow we have some cute single fellas out here.Ladies tanzanian guys are hot!!Anyway enough about the boys check out the pictures:

check out my bro’s site

Enjoy your weekend:
Like Diddy would say,”tell them to stop hatin on me and let that boy cook!!”Im a superious master chef lets eat go!! My girl Sai always says ,”dont forget to shine.”Amen to all..I’m on my way to a Tanzanian wedding my cousin Nas is getting married dont worry for those who are waiting in anticipation come back tomorrow i’ll have the pictures for you.
In the mean time enjoy this picture from Deejay Candyman’s birthday at Wazobia the theme was black and white .

stacked up my pearl necklace with my peral bracelets and topped it off with a oversize cocktail ring.

Married Men

The Curious Case of Married Men:
I’ve always wondered what married men think when they cheat on their wives.I’ve heard countless stories from married men that, “well im cheating because im tired of eating rice everyday!”or someone else would say i dont cheat because im not happy at home but because its there for me to do.
These kind of questions have gotten me in trouble plenty of times cause i dont seem to understand what triggers a man to do this?

Honestly can i ask when a man sleeps with his mistress,concubine,jumpoff whatever you call them and removes his ring during the act,is he justifying that he aint cheating on his wife because technically that moment he aint wearing his wedding band so he aint married?Does he sleep better at night thinking he respected his wife by not wearing the ring during sexual intercourse?
What about when a married man hits on a girl and opts to tell her that his married what is he thinking then, does he think because he didnt share that vital information that mabye he will sleep with her and walk Scot free?

I dont know is it a psychological thing where man are programmed to break their wedding vows, to disrespect the woman they promised to cherish and adore till death do them apart?How can you as a woman married to these men do to stop them from cheating.Until you are in that situation you have no clear understanding of how it hurts to know your husband goes out every night comes home smelling like Chanel no 5 and you damn know that you dont own such a perfume in your collection.Or his always working late but when you call his office he never seems to be there and when he gets back home his only excuse is that he was in a different office.Yet you can see the shame in his eyes and all the details of his affairs are plastered on his forehead.

I speak with so much passion because i feel the grief that these women are going through and i hope one day in the next generation cheating would be a thing of the past and ladies an advice to you if a married men ever asked to go out with and informed you they married try saying no imagine if we all took a stand then they would have no one to cheat with!!

I think today im here to give credit where its due so im shouting out all my entrepreneur ladies doing their thing. Pinkchocolatehair is a company owned by my Bestie’s sister called Pam.Miss Pam is fierce ya’ll when i first saw her hair i was like wow”,’that hair looks just like Beyonce’s.Her curls were so curly and her make up was on point.I couldnt believe that she was indeed the one who did her own hair and makeup.This lady is talented and words cant begin to express how i love her work.Hopefully one day i’ll fly her out to do my makeup for my wedding whenever that is..Pam sells QUALITY(which i think is the word of the day)Virgin Indian hair.Most of you dont know what Virgin Indian hair is and assume remy is Virgin,NO,NO,NO i could sit here all day and tell you the difference but i’ll let Miss Pam fill you in..Check out her Youtube channel Pinkchocolatehair and also her website Miss Pam is located in the United Kingdom so all my readers out there you guys can definitely benefit from Miss Pam’s products.
On behalf of dutchessoftoronto we would like to wish all the best in all your endevours.

Pam CEO of pinkchocolate hair

TnP Boutique:
For all those ladies out there in Harare ,Zimbabwe that follow my blog then by all means check out my sister’s store called TnP.Im so proud of miss Chipo with all she has accomplished not only can you get quality stuff but you know you in good hand because she has an eye for fashion.She sells everything from shoes to cocktail dresses.From guess to Nine West.Her store is located at 56 Cork road Avondale Harare.Tell her i sent you..
This lady is not only an entrepreneur but she’s has her own talk show called Youth Talk where she discusses anything from youth entrepreneurship to male circumcision.You know what they say birds of the same feather flock together”Not to toot our own horns”She used to also write for Zimdaily.This lady is heading to big things what i admire the most is she didnt settle down and wait for her husband to decide what she can or cant do.I will post one of her
topics where she talks about marriage not being an accomplishment BAM!!Its so inspirational makes any single lady stand up tall!!

Miss Chipo as a friend sister confidante i would like to say congrats on all your accomplishments and i hope for brighter things in the future.
Shamwari yangu i miss you and soon ndichahuya ku Tnp ndotenga hembe toenda kubhawa lol!!Do it sister for all us thick girls”and you still look good bump what you think!!

Miss Chipo at white party 2009

Miss Chipo at her store

Miss Chipo at TNP Boutique

Help stop Abuse in our community:
I was a victim of abuse here in Toronto a month ago and i posted on my fan page (Eninka Z Saidi)the incident that occurred.I think Africans in general are not sympathetic when i was hit kama wengi mlivyosema nimepasuliwa kichwa”Only two people rushed to call Police and urge me to press charges on the said person.I did what i had to do there was no way i would let a man continue to humiliate me whenever he feels appropriate.Shockingly afterward i started receiving phone calls not only from men but from women that i should not press charges and that its a matter that happened between the community therefore it needs to stay there.Wow really??”so when i was unconscious, where were you?”

The disheartening thing about all this is seeing my fellow countrymen supporting abuse,saying its good he knocked you unconscious.It got me wondering that alot of you have witnessed abuse and have never spoken up or tried to help the person.You say we need to build the country how can we when the country is filled with silent battered women.If we were to do something productive then how about we help that neighbor who is silently been beaten every night or even your sister who is married and her children witness her getting beaten up by her husband every other night.

I hope my story will touch someone and that person will take the step to stop abuse in their community it doesn’t have to be ten people you are saving but that one person you know will make a difference.Next time you are tempted to insult a person for being abuse remember how you are indeed being an abuser yourself and in order to stop we need to not oppress our people.
Lets educate ourselves on important issues like AIDS and ending Abuse.

Anonymous we love you!!!

I would like to thank all the anonymous readers that were ooh so vocal in the “carrying fakes topic:You know why people never take your opinions or critics seriously??Well its easy when you say things like mnene kama tembo and hide your name behind the Anonymous tag then you are obviously being a hater.Mimi nimekuwa na guts za kusema kitu nyie ma Anony hamuwezi kusema hata siku moja because 1.mnanyenyekea hao watu,2.Most of you are cowards and have things to hide ndomana hamtaki kujulikana wanafiki sana nyie watu.I honestly would like to apologize to my readers because indeed i did veer off from what i wanted to write about,I stooped to you have no substance. so from now im going back to writing about what i initially wanted to write about.Mimi sio muoga most of you wrote threatening things and im going to post all of them whether you wrote it yourself or you sent your friend to represent you.Wenye blogu zingine wanabania comment zenu but not here we want to you to have your freedom of expression but in order for it to be taken to consideration my fellow Tanzanians try using your names for once like i put my name and signature at the end of what i write.
Good day my readers and stay tuned for topics with substance ……